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Inttelligent Movie Review, Rating: The most unintelligent film of the industry so far.

Inttelligent Movie Review

Sai Dharam Tej and Lavanya Tripathi starrer  ‘Inttelligent’ Film is a super duper flop show. There is nothing intelligent about the V V Vinayak’s Inttelligent as the Critics rate it with 1 star.

Critics Review about Inttelligent:

The only thing positive about the Sai Dharam Tej starrer ‘Inttelligent’ is its run time of mere 2 hours 10 mins. Had it been even 5 mins longer it would have tortured the human brains to great extent. Yes the movie is a real torture to watch. The director fails to understand that just by using words like Facebook and social media and a few scenes using the high tech computers doesn’t make the movie appealing to the millions. The logic behind adding the double t to the title is failed to be understood.

Plot of Inttelligent.

Inttelligent Movie Review

Inttelligent is based on the real life incident that took place in Hyderabad in 2014. An Intelligent software engineer takes revenge from the mafia that targets software companies after his Gandhian Boss is killed for not giving into the demands of the mafia. Sai starts stealing black money from the benami bank accounts of corrupt powerful people. He also takes revenge from the mafia who killed his godfather boss.

Lavanya is a non existent heroine in the film. Except for the songs there is practically nothing for the lead actress to do in the film. Vinayak has also tried tricks like casting Brahmanandam for a couple of scenes to infuse comic timing in the movie and prevent the audience from going into slumber.

The title of the movie ‘Inttelligent’ is only for the namesake. There is apparently nothing intelligent about the film. A stupid goon threatens a shopkeeper with gun to avoid paying for 2 cigarettes. A camp run by a police officer to fulfill the dreams of his daughter who supposedly has eating disorder. The egoistic villain who has a team of clowns to run his mafia business. The film really has crossed all limits of unintelligentness.