Cardi B stomach hair
Cardi B stomach hair

At the Grammy Awards 2018, Cardi B delivered a super energetic performance of her song with Bruno Mars, “Finesse,” while wearing a retro, primary-color, two-piece outfit from Moschino and a bucket hat. But unfortunately, some unusual things tried to diminish her powerful moment by criticizing her for something completely normally, the fact that Cardi B stomach hair was visible during performance.

Cardi B stomach hair
Cardi B stomach hair

Cardi’s co-performer

She performed with Bruno Mars (32 years old) on January 28. She is criticized by her fans because of her hair on stomach. Yes, that’s right! Some followers called out the rapper after Moschino, the designer of Cardi’s retro performance outfit, posted a close up photo of the singer posing in the hip outfit with what appears to be a slight trail of hair just above her colorful pants.

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One fan commented on her picture that:

“Y’all see her happy trail though ? she needa shave that stomach,”

Another fan commented that:

“She better shave her stomach hair before modeling,”

Cardi B stomach hair
Cardi B stomach hair

Cardi know that this is not good for her, shall we say natural body hair and whether she chose to show it off or simply forgot to shave it, the hip hop beauty knows how to work what she’s got.

Cradi’s fans

Although all these negative responses on Cardi’s hair some fans are in favor of her and a fan commented back that:

“Cardi B is getting shamed for having stomach hair??? b***h hair is NATURAL, everyone has it whether it’s dark or light. just bc hers is dark & you can visibly see it it’s gross?? lol no,” one Twitter user commented. “People are mad that Cardi B got stomach hair!? Dawg… people be worrying about the wrong stuff,”

After all these controversy she made headline at Grammy for an interview on red carpet.

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