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Blac Chyna calls Kim Kardashian ‘cruel and mean’ over Valentine’s Day ‘Hate List’

Blac Chyna calls Kim cruel for revealing haters list for Valentine's Day gift

After Kim Kardashian has revealed the public list of haters, Blac Chyna, 29, is not very happy being on the bad list despite receiving some perfume and chocolates as a free gift. It is reported that she has been calling Kim a “bully” for naming her on ‘Valentine’s Day Hate list’.A few days back Kim had posted on social media that she was soon sending out her new fragrance line perfumes entitled Bae, BFF and Ride and Die ,not only to dozens of her acquaintances; friends and loved ones,  but also to those who were on her ‘hate list’. She also announced that for the haters, there lies another surprise-  a KKW-engraved mallet and a giant chocolate heart.

Kim, 37, shared the list on Snapchat and revealed her selection of celebrities which were divided into three categories – and Chyna was among the hate category.Kim announced:

“I’m going to send them to my lovers, to my haters… to everyone that I’m thinking of because it’s Valentine’s Day after all”

Blac Chyna calls Kim cruel for revealing haters list for Valentine’s Day gift

On the ‘nice list’, with the pink post-it’s, were Kim’s celebrity friends – Chrissy Teigen, Ciara and Paris Hilton.

Chyna was really upset after seeing her name on the haters list as off late she had put the feud between her and Kim aside and congratulated the West couple on the birth of Chicago.It was also reported that Chyna  fired back and declared Kim to be ‘very cruel and huge bully’ and accused her of using the incorrect mean tactics to promote her brand. She also said that she is surprised on Kim’s behavior as she has never tried to hamper Kim’s image.

Blac Chyna calls Kim cruel for revealing haters list for Valentine’s Day gift

Well, we don’t believe this. We remember the lawsuit against Kardashians in which Chyna accused them of dooming her show Rob & Chyna to cancellation. In response to the allegations the Kardashians had also filed a countersuit stating that the show had to be cancelled because Chyna filed a restraining order against Rob.

So Blac Chyna, you shouldn’t be surprised to be on Kim’s haters list, should you?