Home Hollywood Zoey wants to date both Aaron and Luca same time, ‘Grown-ish’ Recap.

Zoey wants to date both Aaron and Luca same time, ‘Grown-ish’ Recap.


In a recent episode of Grown-ish, Zoey wants to date both Aaron and Luca at the same time, but the situation kind of blows up in her face. But could that be a good thing? At college time everyone wants to hook up with some one.

Zoey has been hooking up with Aaron, but her definition of the term is not in line with everyone else. After the make out session she texts with Aaron, she also worried about that their relationship is not headed towards Facebook official territory. She does not reply Aaron text message tries to assert her power over him. That’s why Aaron find someone else to fulfill his needs.

Zoey text Aaron

When she realizes that she has lost her power, she has a total text failure. She text him about settling down and joint checking accounts. Firstly she wants to send him running to the hills. Don’t sweat it Zoey, we all have been there. He asks her to “please stop” in a text, which is code for ”you are acting crazy”. She decided to hand out with Luca to get her mind off. Luca takes her to go see Kid Ink.

Zoey like both

She likes both Aaron and Luca and feeling more confident than ever. She wants to date both of them and for it she goes to great lengths to keep them apart, but this is not end. When she was with Aaron then Luca call her Rookie move Zoey. She had both and she lost both of them.She takes Dean Parker’s to always be honest to heart and vows to stick with her girls. Boys will come and go but your girls are forever. She crosses paths with new guy Cash. Sorry, Aaron and Luca your girl is moving on you boys.