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Will & Grace welcomes Jennifer Lopez in not just One but Two roles

Will & Grace
Will & Grace

Will & Grace returned back to NBC after a 12 year hiatus. And now Jennifer Lopez is planning to return as well.

Interestingly Jennifer will return not just as herself but as detective Harlee Santos, her character from Shades of Blue.

The Will & Grace team recently confirmed the development and shared a picture of the crew with Jennifer welcoming her.

Don’t you just love when old friends drop by? @jlo ? #WillAndGrace

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Earlier Appearances

Will and Grace had Jennifer Lopez playing herself in Season 6  Finale and Season 7 Premiere.

The story line had Lopez and Rosario (Shelley Morrison), grew up in the Bronx. Until her demise in the show Rosario played maid to Karen (Megan Mullally). JLo ends up performing in the wedding of Karen and Lyle Finter (John Cleese).

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She might have sung “Waiting for Tonight” in the show, for now we are Waiting for The Show to Air. It would be interesting to see Her reaction on hearing about Rosario’s demise.

We are also intrigued how will detective Harlee Santos, will be placed in the show. Will her resemblance to the pop star mentioned or ignored or is that the major plot of the story.

Will & Grace on its return became NBC’s most -watched comedy in 12 years. This episode will be an attempt to continue that form. it will part of show’s extended return for a 16-episode first season and a 13-episode second season.

What do you think about the return, are you as excited and impatient as we are? Let us know, and we will let you know if we hear any other details.