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When The Tonight Show Interviews The Today show Interviewers.


It was interesting to watch when the Today Show’s dream team, hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb stop over for an exclusive interview on the ‘Tonight Show’. They talked of the difficulty they are facing in continuing without Matt Lauer.

Jimmy Fallon welcomed his network’s morning show team, Savannah Guthrie (46 years old) and Hoda Kotb (53 years old) to his late night show on 17th January. And no wonders the ladies recieved a huge round of applause and hearty welcome through a standing ovation  from the audience. As the long time host Matt Lauer, 58 wa fired after accusations inappropriate sexual conduct, the ladies appeared as a team on the show. The ‘Today Show’ is now hosted by the ladies as a team and it has recieved a positive and shiny new life.

Ladies couldn’t stop talking about how much they love working together as a team. It was for the first time in the history of 66 years of the ‘Today Show’ that the show is being hosted solely by ladies and Jimmy very proudly mentioned the same.

Show without Matt Lauer

Matt had to abruptly exit the mid way after facing the allegations of Sexual Misconduct and the women announced it live on 29th November.

Hoda revealed:

“It was a difficult time for the show, we just had to navigate those waters,”

To which Savannah added:

“It was hard. Everyone saw it. We all went though it. But as you say, something really lovely because of it has happened and that’s where we’re focused.”

The women will be travelling to Pyeongchang, South Korea, for the upcoming Winter Olympics where the athletes will go live with Today every morning. However they’ll have to actually work in the night so that it can be telecasted in the morning back in US. So it’s going to be a very different rountine as against their morning 5 wake ups.

As Hoda as teamed up with Savannah there is a big question as to who will replace Hoda to team Up with Kathie Lee Gifford for her Fourth hour of the morning show. It has been rumoured that Kris Jenner, 62 will take Hoda’s place.