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Wendy Williams to Megyn Kelly: You’re Just a Ratings Whore!

Wendy Williams thinks Megyn Kelly sparked a feud with Jane Fonda just for ratings!

Wendy Williams slams Megyn Kelly for attacking Jane Fonda

Following a random and very rude rant against Jane Fonda, Megyn Kelly is getting dragged through the angry mud on social media.And also on television.By a fellow daytime talk show host, in fact.Wendy Williams thinks Megyn Kelly sparked a feud with Jane Fonda just for ratings! She slammed Kelly and her show on Jan. 23, calling Kelly’s clap back at Fonda, a ‘Jerry Springer sign-off moment.’

Wendy Williams Slams Megyn Kelly

Wendy Williams, 53, just turned her “Hot Topics” segment into a lesson on how to host a talk show for Megyn Kelly, 47. Wendy weighed in on Kelly’s on-going feud with the actress, Jane Fonda, 80, and she thinks Kelly handled the dispute — which was sparked when Kelly asked Fonda about her plastic surgery — poorly.

“Why are you fighting with her, Megyn Kelly?” Wendy asked her audience on January 23. “Is your show still on? ..She’s fishing for ratings,”

Megyn Kelly and Jane Fonda during the Talk Show

Wendy ironically added at the same time reports claim Kelly’s show isn’t doing well.Wendy then emphasized that Kelly doesn’t know Fonda well enough to ask her about her plastic surgery, let alone during her first interview with the actress. “You’re [Megyn] brand new to the set; No one knows you in that genre,” Wendy proclaimed. She also referred to Kelly’s clap back at Fonda [explained below] as a “Jerry Springer sign-off moment.”

Wendy continued:

“Here’s my thought, Jane does look great, she’s 80-years-old. Stevie Wonder could see that’s not a natural 80, but my thought with that is, Megyn is brand new to this one-hour talk format thing and she’s trying to warm up and do some of the stuff what I do… She’s trying to be entertaining and light hearted, and they gave her a boat load of money to do it… It’s just not working out. As a conversationalist with a show, I can tell you, one of the things you don’t do when you first meet somebody is zoom in with questions like that [about plastic surgery]…”

Megyn Kelly on her show

Beginning of the feud

Kelly’s feud with Fonda began back in September 2017, when Fonda went on Megyn Today to promote her film, Our Souls at Night. Before she was able to talk about her new project, Kelly asked about her plastic surgery; a subject the actress has been more than candid about in previous interviews. However, Fonda wanted nothing to do with the question. She went on to slam Kelly when she appeared on the Today show with Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb on January 16. After Lily Tomlin joked that she and Fonda have been friends since before Fonda’s “first face-lift.” Fonda replied, “We don’t need to hear that. Who are you, Megyn Kelly?”

Kelly’s version

Kelly then clapped back during the last few minutes of her show on January 22 show, where she addressed the actress’s controversial past and claimed she was not “in the market for a lesson from Jane Fonda on what is and is not appropriate.” Kelly added she has no regrets about her plastic surgery question.

“When she first complained publicly after the program — and repeatedly — I chose to say nothing, as my general philosophy is what other people think of me is none of my business,” Kelly said on her show. “However, Fonda was at it again last week, including here on NBC and then elsewhere, so it’s time to address the ‘poor me’ routine.”

Wendy Williams Slams Megyn Kelly For Attacking Jane Fonda

Is Wendy right in saying so?

The thing is, of course, Williams is right.Still… should Wendy Williams call anyone out for any sort of rating ploy?This is the same woman who, just a couple weeks ago, said Kylie Jenner’s baby would be ugly and who slammed Oprah as fat.Those were just the latest examples of Wendy fishing so hard for ratings and attention that she might as well have filmed the episodes from the Deadliest Catch boat.

Do you agree with Wendy? Share your thoughts.

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Wendy Williams Slams Megyn Kelly for feud with Jane Fonda