Home Celebs Watch Prince Härrý and fiancée Meghan Markle cuddle in the cold.

Watch Prince Härrý and fiancée Meghan Markle cuddle in the cold.


Prince Härrý and fiancée Meghan Markle were spotted during a royal outing, very cutely holding each other’s hands and cuddling in the cold. Their hand holding pictures will surely steal your heart.

Engagement details

Yes, love is real. Prince Härrý and Meghan Markle got engaged almost a month ago. The lovely couple made their second appearance in public since then and the very first one in 2018. Looking to their pictures you will surely agree that they are the cutest celebrity couple!!

Bundled up in chilly weather to visit Reprezent Radio

According to the Kensington Palace, the newly engaged couple was out on chilly morning in London to visit Reprezent Radio. Reprezent Radio is a radio station that aids in raising awareness in knife crime. The couple looked extremely happy and too much in love at the event. In the chilly weather Prince Härrý constantly kept snuggling his fiancée to keep her warm and cozy.

Prince Härrý and Meghan Markle 1

Truely a Royal treatment.

Prince Härrý and Meghan Markle 2

Harry and Meghnan’s Royal Wedding plans.

Like in all love stories there has to be a villain, we have in this love story Meghnan’s half sister Samantha Markle. According to sources Samantha is not very much happy about Härrý and Meghnan’s wedding plans and has been bad mouthing the press about their estranged relationships. Samantha wants to write a tell all book, that will contain all the explosive information about the soon to be Princess. The palace sources however confirmed that Samantha’s tell all book plan is bullshit. They said,

“She’s been completely transparent about her past and has no skeletons in the closet, so unless Samantha intends to make things up, her book is going to make for pretty dull reading,”

The wedding of the Prince Charming Härrý and her very beautiful fiancée Meghan is going to be a mesmerising affair. Cant wait to hear the wedding bells ring!!