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Tyga wants to be Kylie’s baby daddy. ‘Desperate’ to be with her again.


Tyga has strong feelings for Kylie and is offering to be with her during the last few days of her pregnancy.

Pregnancy with Travis could not fade away Tyga’s feeling for Kylie Jenner.

Tyga desperate to reconcile with Kylie

Tyga, 28 is unable to let go his feelings for Kylie Jenner, 20 even after she is pregnant with Travis Scott. Infact he even feels there is slightest of possibility that the baby could be his. Tyga has offered to stay with Kylie for the last days of her pregnancy. In fact he is begging Kylie to give her a call when she goes in to labor if she doesn’t allow him to stay with her. Tyga is in too much love with Kylie and since their break up his feelings have only gone stronger. He is desperate to get back with her again and has requested to Kylie to let him be the one who drives her to the hospital once her water breaks.

It wouldn’t be a surprise of Tyga and Kylie are together again.

Kylie also want to reconcile with Tyga. She is regretting having baby with Travis Scott who has lately disappeared from his responsibilities. She feels things would have been different had it been Tyga’s baby. On one side relationship of Kylie and Travis is on rocks and on the other side Tyga is desperate to be with Kylie again even if it would mean to be her baby daddy, it would come as no surprise if they two are seen together.

A source close to Kylie said:

“Kylie would probably give Tyga another chance down the line if Travis doesn’t get his act together. Her emotions are all over the place right now but she knows Tyga is a good guy and a great father. And if Tyga keeps up his persistence and Travis keeps doing nothing then Tyga might get a future with Kylie that he clearly wants.”

We would probably have to wait till the little bundle of joy is out to see what angle the triangle takes.