The authorities are learning shocking new truths about the horrors the Turpin Kids endured and how they were isolated to torture.

Slowly the information about the ordeal and torture out by the 13 Turpin Kids.

The Turpin children who were reportedly tortured by their own parents Louise Turpin, 49 and David Turpin, 56 were rescued earlier this month. They have now slowly started to open up and give information to the authorities about how their life was before being rescued. The 13 Turpin Kids, ranging from 2 to 29 years were malnourished and assaulted for years according to the authorities. However as the kids have started opening up they have realised their situation was much worse than they earlier thought. What new things that have recently started coming up is they were chained to furniture for days together and that too in seperate rooms so that they were unable to meet each other.

TurpinKids horrifying truth revealed

According to Attorney Mike Hestrin:

“Victims in these kinds of cases, they tell their story, but they tell it slowly. They tell it at their own pace. It will come out when it comes out.”

Kids are under physical and psychological treatment.

Since they were found on 14th January, all the 13 kids have been hospitalised where they are receiving physical and psychological treatment. They are relieved and happy that they are finally out of that torture chamber.

Description of the ‘Turpin Horror House’.

When the kids were rescued they were in a filthy unhygienic rooms. Few of them were chained to bed or furniture and they were kept different rooms and places in small groups so that they are isolated from each other. Besides the kids didn’t even have access to television or radio. The kids however can read and write. It is assumed they expressed themselves through the hundreds of magazines found in the room.

Parents showed no remorse.

TurpinKids horrifying truth revealed

Both the parents Louise and David looked like psychopaths. They didn’t have any emotions whatsoever. They didn’t remorse the ban laid by the court from meeting their kids and were only concerned about themselves. They pleaded not guilty.