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Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner drifting apart as the baby’s delivery nears.


On one hand the due date of the baby’s delivery is nearing and on the other hand the differences and Distance between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott is increasing. It has been seen that the Rapper is avoiding Kylie since the blow fight and Kylie is preparing to deliver the baby without Travis. Is this a good sign?

How Travis has been avoiding Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner lately has been extremely moody and stressed out as the days of her delivery nears. And now she is all the more furious with the way Travis has been avoiding her. Travis Scott has spent very little time with Kylie during all the nine months of her pregnancy due to his super hectic schedule and career being at its peak. He has been travelling a lot for shows. He has already recieved warning from Mommy Kris Jenner for the way he has been avoiding Pregnant Kylie. However there has been no change in his behaviour. Now that he is back in hometown LA it was expected that the couple would be spending time together as Kylie prepares for baby. A source close to Kylie said:

“Kylie and Travis have been fighting non-stop over numerous things that they refuse to see eye-to-eye on, and as a result Travis has been doing everything in his power to keep himself busy just to be away from her and avoid having to answer her calls and texts messages.”

Travis has been purposely taking up shows ad guest appearances even on short notice just to be able to avoid spending time with Kylie. He is doing it all intentionally. The source added:

“Travis was in Las Vegas on January 23 as a special guest performer, and before the trip he and Kylie had a huge fight about him hooking up with other women out there and embarrassing her. The tension go so thick between them that Travis decided to take yet another guest performance gig on short notice on January 25 right in her hometown of LA. Between bouncing around doing little 15-20 minute sets and locking himself in the studio, Travis has been intentionally avoiding Kylie and it seems like nobody can get through to him. Kylie hopes things will change when the baby is finally here, but she doubts it.”

The 25 year old rapper has been definitely missed on most of Kylie’s pregnancy and still continues to do it. As previously reported Kylie is taking online Lamaze classes with her BFF Jordyn Woods and not the rapper Travis Scott. Besides the couple has even stopped being intimate in the last trimester of Kylie’s pregnancy as they haven’t had sex in the past 3 months. Has this been the reason for their differences?

You never know. But Kylie has been counting upon ex boyfriend Tyga as her back up plan. Lets see what angle this triangle takes once the baby arrives in the world.