Home Celebs The 6 year old Blue Ivy Carter’s luxury catered lifestyle.

The 6 year old Blue Ivy Carter’s luxury catered lifestyle.


Blue Ivy Carter, 6 is definitely enjoying her days as a daughter of the Superstars Beyonce and Jay-Z by living a lifestyle even the elders would be envy of. Get the details of her luxury catered lifestyle here.

Blue Ivy Carter’s luxury on daily basis.

The Superstars Beyonce, 36 and Jay-Z, 48 have left no stones unturned to give a life beyond luxury to their daughter Blue Ivy Carter, 6. It includes having a personal stylist, a personal chef who only caters to Blue’s needs, extravagant birthday parties and 2 nanny attending to Blue 24 x 7, 365 days.

Blue Ivy Carter’s luxurious lifestyle

She was spotted adorable quieting her parents while sitting in between them at the Grammys 2018. Now this is what we call being bossy. No wonder she is used to throwing orders to the dozen of the staff that only cater her needs 24 x 7. With getting to live in 5 different mansions which her parents proudly possess, the girl is definitely recieving a royal treatment. And to add to her royalty her parents have even bought her a Pony.

Blue in talks to create her own fragrance line.

In addition to her extravagant lifestyle Blue Ivy Carter, 6 is even planning to trademark her name and start her own brand for the fragrance line. Besides her mega parents have made sure Blue alongwith her 7 month old twin siblings Rumi and Sir Carter get personal attention 24 hours a day. They have kept 4 nannies to do the needful – 2 for Blue and 2 for the twins. It is reported that Blue had already started to get lessons in French, Art and Swahili from her nannies before she started her early school at an Expensive early school in New York. To pamper her, her chef is often seen making for her wheat pasta in the shape of Ballet dancers in asparagus purée exactly how she loves.

Blue’s born to be a star and she is learning to face the limelight right away with her Superstar parents Bey and Jay.