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Teen star Jack Dylan Grazer apologises for smoking weed in viral video


A lot of controversy has been created over a recent video of Jack Dylan Grazer,14 where in he is spotted smoking weed. He has been slammed by the fans for his such a stupid action.

Apology by Jack Dylan Grazer.

Very soon after the smoking pot video going viral Jack has realised his mistake and has even asked for apology. He release a new video wherein he seeks for apology for his ‘Stupid’ behaviour. He gave peer pressure as a reason for such action. He passes a message to his fans saying smoking is not cool and not worth it. He cited:

“I’d just like to clear up some past mistakes that I made. It was a dumb thing that I did due to peer pressure at school. I’ve now realized that vaping and smoking pot is stupid and it’s not cool and it’s not worth it. I’ve learned my lesson and I’ve learned it the hard way.”

He further begged to his fans to not to fall prey to peer pressure as he did and not to succumb to such stupidity. In fact they should ask for help. He said:

“Please don’t make the same mistakes as I did,” he begged. “If you feel peer pressured or bullied, get help. I just want to thank you for the continued love and support and I love you guys and I’m sorry.”

Parents urged him to apologise.

It was his parents and his management team that urged him to release the apology video. He posted the video on Instagram and captioned it as Growing Up, Making mistakes , learning lessons.

Jack is supposed to appear in a movie Shazam and also a sequel to ‘It’ in 2019. Jack’s apology is a very good gesture and message to fans who try to imitate him as their role model. What say people?