Home News and Gossip Team USA to wear Ralph Lauren for Opening Ceremony of Olympics 2018.

Team USA to wear Ralph Lauren for Opening Ceremony of Olympics 2018.


The opening ceremony clothing for team USA for the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Games have been revealed. And it is designed by none other than Polo Ralph Lauren, the designer for the US Olympics and Paralympic teams for the part 6 Olympic.

David Lauren, son of Ralph Lauren and the chief Innovative officer in a press release said:

“Ralph Lauren is excited by the convergence of fashion and function, and we are committed to supporting Team USA athletes by outfitting them with the latest innovative technology,”

Speciality about the Olympic clothing.

The sources have reported that the main line clothing is made of the self heating patriotic Parka. The coat has the quality of adjusting itself to the athelete’s ideal body Temperature and it can stay that way for as long as 11 hours. David Lauren explained the heating technology used in the jacket saying:

“the heating element is made from electronic printed conductive inks, printed into the shape of an American flag in carbon and silver ink. There have been heatable blankets for kids before but they have wires. This is a fabric with ink that heats up — it’s weightless, it’s conductive and it’s immediate.”

Within the line there is a blue sweater with red, white and blue design and a slim fit blue jeans. The demons can be Accessorised with a leather belt where as a navy blue bandanna can be worn around the neck. It also has a navy blue woollen cap with USA written in the Middle in white. The boots are Brown with Red laces where as the brown Gloves have the American Flag as well as the Olympic Rings embroidered on each hand.

The specially designed woollens will be very much important during the Opening Ceremony as the Weather Predicts the temperature to be almost 22 degrees Fahrenheit in Korea. Oh my God, its going to be freezing.

Honestly the dress looks super warm and cozy. Can’t wait to see the Opening Ceremony in South Korea where athletes  from all the countries will be representing their countries in their official uniforms.