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Five things which you know about Taraji P. Henson movie ‘Proud Mary’.


One of the accelerated movie until now.

Taraji P. Henson movie ‘Proud Mary’ is must watch for everyone. You know her as Cookie Lyon on Empire, but after watching this movie you give her different name. She is playing a hit woman character Mary who works for an organized crime family in Boston. When she meets with a young boy she faces serious results and a professional hit goes terrible wrong. If you see the trailer Mary is someone you do not want to mess with.

Past experience with dance choreography.

She revealed that both her training from person from interest and her dance background helped in her action scenes. She told Hollywood reporter that:

“Thank God I have training in dance choreography since that’s basically what fight scenes are,”

 “Instead of five, six, seven, eight, plié, it’s five, six, seven, eight, punch.”

The movie features even more of your favorite stars.

Jahi Di’Allo Wintson play the role of young boy who helps Mary to crosses paths in the film. Proud Mary also stars How To Get Away with murder hunk Billy Brown. As well as, Lethal Weapon icon Danny Glover.

She wants to send a message with her movie.

She plays a black woman character in this action movie. She wants to tell that women deserve the same opportunities which we give to men. She said that:

“When women get older in this business, they tend to send us out to pastures; meanwhile, you have Liam Neeson, however old he is, still kicking ass in Taken and Denzel Washington, who, at any given drop of a dime, will do an action film,”

“F**k that. If men can do it, why can’t we? I feel like women get better as we age. Give us the same chances as you give men.”

She crashed a Maserati while filming.

She revealed this on the January 10 ‘Good Morning America’ edition that what happened when they were working for long hours led to the major mishap. But she had a good laugh with the GMA co-hosts about it. She said that but we were worried about that how much damage is going to be.