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Tiny’s perfect Booty is running allover T.I.’s mind and she loves it.


You already know that Tameka “tiny” Harris (42 years old) is a true beauty. But after looking her new photographs you will believe she is truly a knockout and her husband is not wrong. Because T.I. (37 years Old) is obsessed with his wife curvy body, mostly her sexy behind and he has been all over it lately. A close source of T.I. EXCLUSIVELY told Hollywoodlife.com “T.I. has become a total butt man and he loves Tiny’s perfect booty”. T.I. is crazy about Tiny but recently he told that his favorite body part is her butt. He cannot keep his eyes or hands away from Tiny, his favorite view of her when she walks away from him. Tiny laughs it off and tells him that she is more than a cute butt. However she loves that he is watching her butt for that she worked hard in gym.

T.I. show his love for Tiny’s booty when he gave a friendly slap during a New Year’s Eve Performance on stage with her music group Xscape. The couple thinking about divorce seems to be more loving than before. This is not sure that they are ending their marriage, now they are spending time with each other so this is clear that they are not ready to live without each other.With the success Tiny has been having while on tour with Xscape and her ability to be comfortable in her own skin, we can see why T.I. would be impressed. Except all these things there are struggles in their marriage from last year. They always seems to be appreciative with each other and it is definitely respectable.

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