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Sharon Stone says Disgraced Hollywood Producer and Predator Harvey Weinstein Should Be Locked Up in Jail

Sharon Stone emphasizes punishing all men accused of sexual misbehavior, in the same manner, is not right

Sharon Stone hopes Harvey Weinstein goes to jail

Hollywood superstar Sharon Stone has said she hopes disgraced movie producer and predator Harvey Weinstein goes to jail. In an interview with The Mail on Sunday, the actress came out with her strong views on sexual misconduct and the scandals that are hitting the entertainment industry, with several high-profile figures accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour.

Stone’s strong statements against Weinstein

Sharon Stone, 59 – famous for her steamy scenes in the 1992 movie Basic Instinct – openly attacked Weinstein, saying:

“I hope he goes to jail,”

Adding to this she calls Weinstein, who has been accused of rape, ‘coarse and mean and violent and abusive’. Upon asking how the female victims should deal with such unpleasant situations, Ms. Stone strongly stated:

‘We have two legs. You can leave a room. You can say “stop it”. You have an opportunity not to participate.[Harassment] doesn’t start when you get to Hollywood. It starts when you’re little. Don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for the generations of women who came before us who no one stood up for at all. Women like my grandmother who was beaten by her husband almost every day. I stand up for them.’

Sharon Stone hopes Harvey Weinstein goes to jail

Keeping mum on whether she personally had ever had any bad encounters with Weinstein, she said  ‘He thinks he’s a big martyr but he’s a pisher [a nobody]’.

The Hollywood producer has been accused of a number of sexual harassment and assault attempts by many actresses in Hollywood. On the other hand, Weinstein has denied the allegations of non-consensual sex.

Don’t punish all accused alike, says Stone

With the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements highlighting the issue of sexual harassment globally, Stone urged sympathy for those who render a genuine apology.She said: “I’d like to accept every apology that comes forward. Not accepting apologies… I don’t think that’s right”.She also cautioned against punishing all people, in the same way, saying:

“In every crime there are misdemeanours and felonies, and I think if someone’s committed a misdemeanour they can’t be treated like they’ve committed a felony. You can’t charge someone for murder when they’ve got a parking ticket.”

Sharon Stone hopes Harvey Weinstein goes to jail

Her comments sound in sync with those of Matt Damon, who was criticised by #MeToo campaigners for saying there is a ‘difference between patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation”

The actress will soon be seen in a new six-part murder mystery series Mosaic on Sky Atlantic.


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Sharon Stone says about Harvey Weinstein: I hope he goes to jail