Home News and Gossip Scott Disick proudly shows off GF Sofia Richie bikini pic on Insta.

Scott Disick proudly shows off GF Sofia Richie bikini pic on Insta.


Scott Disick, 34 recently posted hot pics of her young lady love Sofia Richie, 19 sporting a hot bikini and sunglasses. The gorgeous picture features Sofia standing on some rock during sunset on beach side with her hair tied up and black cat eyed shades on her eyes. No doubts she looks stunning in her black bikini. Scott Disick captioned the photograph as “Water” on Instagram. Sofia’s hair makeover, turning her black locks now blonde makes us remind of Scott’s ex-wife and mother to his children Kourtney Kardashian, 38.

We all know already that Scott can love women of all age groups and any hair colour. So the hair colour should definitely not be the reason for the attraction. Although no doubts that the colour is suiting Sofia making her look absolutely stunning.

Scott Disick shows off GF Sofia bikini pics

Scott and Sofia having time of their life.

Scott and Sofia have been spotted together most of the times in the past few months and their craze for each other doesn’t seem to be slowing down. From movies to shopping to Gala time at the beach or romantic holidays, they seem to be deeply in love with each other, atleast for now which is extremely different for Scott’s personality who is often seen having casual encounters with women at parties or at clubs. We can’t say for sure whether Scott will be returning to his old time, but for now he looks to be deeply in love with Sofia and enjoying it.

What scott does when not with Sofia?

When Scott is not with Sofia he is seen with his best friend Tyga. The reality star is working on starting his own reality show which will include his Rapper friend Tyga and of course his lady life Sofia Richie. The reality show will feature Tyga in search of Love. Lets see what it turns out to be!!