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Scott Disick slammed by Kendall Jenner for dating 19 year old Sofia Richie

Kendall Jenner just spoke out loud at Scott Disick and Sofia Richie’s relationship!


Kendall Jenner,22, decided to share a serious thought on Scott Disick’s relationship with Sofia Richie, 19 when the 34-year-old Disick’s photo was out with his girlfriend and son Reign, 3. Kendall threw some epic shade but this kind of shadiness is not subtle. Commenting beneath a fan’s Instagram of Scott, Sofia, and Reign hanging out together, Kendall allegedly made her feelings known about the situation with the sassy remark:

“Awww Scott and his kids.”

We’ve been hearing for long how thrilled Kardashian family was with Scott for parading all over the world with Sofia but this definitely takes the relationship to the next level.

Is Sofia trying to be Kourt?

Soon after the photograph was seen by Scott fans, shocking insult comes quickly for Sofia for switching up her style as she off late changed her signature blonde look. Even her fashion sense appears to be changing and fans have noticed that she’s looking a lot like someone — the mother of Scott’s children, and big half-sister of Kendall Kourtney Kardashian, 38! What exactly is Sofia up to?

Scott Disick slammed by Kendall Jenner for dating Sofia (Disick and Kourtney in pic)

Kendall also commented recently: Why are the Kardashians finally ready to share that they don’t approve of Scott and Sofia dating!? What’s changed besides Sofia’s tresses? Kourtney too doesn’t approve of Sofia’s new looks. A source stated :

“Scott is pretty open about how much he loves to guide Sofia’s beauty decisions and Sofia is eager to please and trusts his choices, But whenever Kourtney sees Sofia with a new hair color, style or clothing choice imitating her style, Kourtney is both grossed out and bothered…she thinks the whole thing is weird”.

Kourtney has recently moved on with 24-year-old boxer Younes Bendjima while Scott has been spotted on a series of dates with Sofia Richie.While the Kardashian-Jenner gang have always claimed that they have each other’s backs, it now looks like Kendall isn’t particularly thrilled about the age-difference between Scott and his new girlfriend.

Attacked by Scott’s Fans

In response to Kendall’s weird comment on the photo posted by Scott fan’s Instagram account, fans were bound to react and attack Jenner :

One said ‘Let me remind you your momma is dating a 33-year-old man,’ ‘Lol but when Kylie was with Tyga there wasn’t a peep from you,’ added another.

And yet another : ‘That’s funny coming from someone who’s mum is dating a man 30 years younger then her AND who’s sister is dating someone with the same age gap as Scott & Sofia (Kourtney and her boyfriend) AND who’s little sister played stepmom to Tyga’s son at just 17 years old,’ a third threw in. ‘Sorry, kenny but you’re not one to talk…’

Scott Disick slammed by Kendall Jenner for dating 19 year old Sofia Richie (Disick & Richie in pic)

Scott and Sofia went public with their romance back in September 2017, although it’s been suggested that they had been dating since May.The photos seem to be the first time Scott has had his kids out with his new model girlfriend. Scott’s famous ex – and Kendall’s half-sister – Kourtney Kardashian has not publicly commented on the romance between Scott and Sofia.

As for Kendall’s shady comment, it has since completely vanished from the fan’s profile.





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Scott Disick slammed by Kendall Jenner for dating 19 year old Sofia Richie