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Salena Gomez loves Justin Bieber’s tattooed body.


Salena Gomez recently reunited with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. She is obsessed with his completely tattooed body. She feels his tattooes adds to his looks making him even more adorable than before.

Why she thinks tattooes makes Justin look hotter?

The ‘Wolves’ singer Salena Gomez, 25 is deeply in love with Justin Bieber’s inked out body. So much that she is not ashamed of moving out talking about it. According to a source close to Salena:

“With the amount of art that Justin has on his body now, it is quite different from what Selena was familiar with and she loves it. She loves it because all of his tattoos actually mean something to him and he also stays in such spectacular shape that they look good as well. She really is a visual person and Justin’s tattoos absolutely add to his charm and hotness. She is all about it,”

We cannot blame Salena for being obsessed and possessive about Justin’s tattoos. Actually Justin is a personality who can carry almost anything and everything. And guess what Justin has in all 56 tattoos on his body. Oh my my.. Isn’t that huge!?

Salena Gomez loves Justin Bieber 2

What exactly has Justin tattooed on his body?

The tattoos on Justin’s body represent his journey in finding purpose with God. He has dedicated his life to God. The small cross on the corner of his eye represents that. He also has a tattoo saying “your words are a lamp for my feet, a light on my path” from Psalm 119:105. How meaningful.

Salena Gomez loves Justin Bieber 1

Justin in his another tattoo shows his gratitude to his grandfather who used to take him to Stratford Ice hockey games in his childhood. The tattoo is located under his left shoulder blade. Justin is a huge fan of Ice hockey and also used to take lessons back in Los Angeles.


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