The Royals Season 4
The Royals Season 4

E! searies is all set to premiere yet another season of regal-ness with The Royals Season 4.

It’s time to set a countdown for March 11 2018, as The Royals are back and they might be regal but definitely not civil. The American Drama series about the Monarchy of England is coming back with all its twist and turns.

The Trailer has Prince Liam and King Robert as usual fighting. Liam in his frustration points a gun at his brother. Then comes the lady of the trio Elanor and hits Liam.

Interesting is the least we can say about trailer. The new promo also gives us a glimpse of a royal wedding. Some major cat fights between the mother and daughter duo. King Robert under attack once again. Do not forget steamy scenes between Eleanor and Jasper!

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The season four will see Robert played by Max Brown will be crowned as King of England. While Uncle Cyrus played by Jake Maskall and Prince Liam played by William Moseley plans to dethrone him. Adding in this mix of power struggle Queen Helena played by Elizabeth Hurley does her usual antics. Jasper the bodyguard played by Tom Austen will pursue Princess Eleanor played by Alexandra Park as usual.

For your information this is just the start. Let’s wait and wait till March 11, 2018.

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