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Prince Williams shaved his head- Proves bald is beautiful.


Prince Williams, 35 joined the ‘Hot Bald Guys’ list alongwith Dwayne Johnson, 45 and Jason Statham with his recent shaved head look. The Royal showed his makeover  on 17th Jan while attending the Veterans at Evelina Hospital. He was supporting the Step into Health initiative but instead all the eyes were on the Prince’s head.

Prince Williams is facing the hair thinning problem and has been ridiculed many time by brother Prince Härrý and wife Kate Middleton. So he decided to take the plunge and shave his head off. As a matter of fact he even ridiculed himself when he first saw, Prince George, 4 and commented:

“He got way more hair than me, thank god!”

According to Dr. Alan Bauman of Bauman Medical group in Florida,

“Hair loss can occur twenty per cent in your 20s, 30 per cent in your 30s and so on, including anytime after puberty,”

What research say?

According to a research done by the American Hair Loss Association, 65% of the men experience some sort of hair loss by 35 years and by the time they turn 50, nearly 85% of men experience thinning of the hair. According to Dr. Bauman thinning begins at the temple and the crown of the head.

Hair fall reasons:

Hair fall is generally hereditary. Genetics reveal whether a person will go bald or not, though there are other factors like sleep, food, stress, and medications involved responsible for hair loss. Prince Charles, 69 has very thin hair.

Treatment for hair fall:

There are ways to treat hair loss.

  • Low level laser therapy
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Toupees
  • Hair Transplant
  • Scalp reduction as done by President Trump allegedly.

And the best option of all is just to accept the reality and take the bold step of going bald and still look stunning just like Prince Williams. What say Gals, liked the Royal new look?