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Before Justin Timberlake’s Halftime Show P!nk to perform National Anthem at Super Bowl.


This is the best news which we heard after a long time, singer P!nk to perform national anthem at Super Bowl. According to the official statement from the NFL announced on Monday morning January 8, the singer has signed on to perform the National Anthem. P!nk is the latest in a long line of incredible singers to perform the national anthem at the super bowl. We could not think the better option for the job, her performance was incredible and flair for the theatrics. You all know that this is the “Star Spangled Banner” singing we have not heard it before, it may be Acrobatics.

Video Courtesy: Hot News (YouTube.com)

The Beautiful Trauma singer will help get the party started at U.S Bank Stadium in Minneapolis before the kick-off of the game, setting the stage for what is shaping up to be a memorable halftime show featuring her pal (and former tour mate) Justin Timberlake.

Last Year Performance

P!nk included in the list of talented singers, who had performed national anthem before her. Last year it was country stars Lady Gaga, Luke Bryant, Christina Aguilera and Idina Menzal and more. You know that Lady Gaga performed in white, glittery red and blue outfit. She was offered the 2017 halftime show. Was that the signal that P!nk get the chance to perform in this year halftime.

Justin Timberlake Honor

If we are talking about halftime show we also know about The Best news of this year, Justin Timberlake gets this honor. He just announced a new album and tour, Man of the Woods, so it is perfect timing. Fans cannot wait what kind of show he will give on February 4 at the Super Bowl and what he will perform. Janet Jackson will be invited or not in this show. As we all know that Justin and Jenner had performed on 2004 Super Bowl, that a new word born “wardrobe malfunction”. This is first time Justin’s been invited back, if Janet back too so this will be the best match. We cannot wait more to see what happens.