Pax Jolie-Pitt, 14 was the date to Angelina Jolie for the Golden Globes 2018 for the first time as Angelina Jolie attend the Golden Globes as single, without the knowledge of ex-hubby Brad Pitt.

Why Brad Pitt is ‘furious’ about her decision?

For years Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been on the A-List of the red carpet. They have always stolen the show as a glamorous and most favourite couple. However, now that they have split, for the first time Angelina attended the Golden Globes as a single and to her company was the ex-couples 14 year old son Pax. Brad is furious about her decision of exposing their son to glamour and glory of Hollywood at such a young age.

Pax Jolie Pitt 1

“Angelina went behind Brad‘s back and took Pax to the Golden Globes without the father’s permission. Brad was furious that Angelina did not consult him before taking their son Pax to a major, adult event like the Golden Globes”

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt broke her collarbone and so  elder brother Maddox had been the man of the house to take care of the Shiloh as mother Jolie and brother Pax attended the Golden Globes.

The worse on the situation was Brad didn’t have slightest of the hint about Pax attending the Globes. Angelina obviously had plans to take him along as he attended the Awards in a dapper black Tuxedo, which had been well fitted in advance.

Pax Jolie Pitt 2

“While Brad appreciates that his children get extraordinary experiences in life thanks to their unique family, Brad just wishes that he was kept in the loop for big decisions like award show appearances. Brad thinks it is not entirely healthy the way Angelina drags the kids everywhere she goes, so he made it clear to her after the award show that he would appreciate it that he be more informed of future major public appearances for their children,”

Knowing now about Brad’s possessiveness about kids, hopefully Angelina will keep Brad in the loop when it comes to decisions about their children in future.