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Offset makes Cardi B forget cheating through ‘epic sex’.


Cardi B has been ignoring the allegations on Offset for cheating on her and Offset succeeds in help her forget the cheating scandal through the epic sex sessions. Here are the details.

A source close to Cardi B revealed that:

“This whole situation has been very emotional, it’s been intense and that intensity has carried over to their sex life. Cardi brags all the time about how great Offset is in bed but she says since all the stuff about them cheating came out the sex has gotten even better,”

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ Rapper had been tested with her patience as she heard claims from Celina Powell that Offset got her pregnant. Besides the sex tapes of Offset with other women also offended her. The source added

“Let’s just say Offset has been very eager to prove to her he’s worth keeping around, he’s been very giving. She is addicted to what he does and how he makes her feel. He’s been trying to use their epic sex to make her forget about the cheating and it’s working,”

Cardi B told in a recent interview when asked why she was holding on to Offset inspite of the cheating scandals she replied ‘who cares, I got a ring’.

Offset makes Cardi B forget cheating

In a now deleted twitter post she confirmed that she was still with her man after shutting mouths of all the critics. She had written:

“Bitches really need to stop telling me I got ‘no self love’ or I’m ‘insecure.’ Bitch I know I’m pretty and ambitious. I know I can get me any man I want, doctor, artist, ballplayer, a Prince. The heart wants what it wants tho,”

So it’s like Great Sex heals all wounds. Though we just hope the rapper does not regret her decision of sticking on to her man in future!!


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