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Nurse dies in a Bungee Jumping Accident.


A 20 year old nurse Ciara Romero fell to death from 70 feet height at Get Air at Silo Trampoline park in Grand Junction, Colorado in a Bungee jumping accident. The police is investigating the devastation accident which claimed Ciara’s Life.

Get Air at the Silo is the indoor recreation center in the Grand Junction at Colorado. The recreation center has a 70 feet Bungee jumping activity. Investigators tested the device and found it to be normal in operations. The manufacturer, Head Rush Technologies comfirmed the same and said that they would not be ordering stop operation instructions for any other outside Colorado.

Operating of the Bungee

For using the device which claimed Ciara’s life, the participants and tied with a harness and is connected with a rope. They are then climbed up the silo’s towers from where they step on the wooden platform for the free fall. When working properly the participant should fall freely up to 15-20 feet beyond which they are caught by the device and then slowly lowered to the ground.

Faulty mechanism of device Ruled Out

After thoroughly testing the working of the device and its mechanism, the State Investigators have ruled out ‘The Device’ being the reason for Ciara’s death. The state investigators said they would now concentrate more on the details given by the eye witness and keep updating the local police about the same.

Cher Haavind, a spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, said.

“We’re looking at all possible causes. This is extremely rare, which is why the investigation is taking longer.”

Get Air, the recreation centre released a statement saying :

“the company feels deep sorrow and profound sympathy for [Ciara’s] family and friends in their loss, and expresses its sincere condolences to them.”

We pray for Ciara’s soul to rest in Peace any May God give the family strength to bear the loss.