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Nicole Kidman won her first SAG Award, gave speech for Women over 40.


Finally Nicole Kidman won her first SAG award, after her spanning career over 3 decades. Her fellow actors honored her performance in the HBO not-so- limited series, Big Little Lies. She got a standing ovation in the award function, she gave speech over age and sex in Hollywood. She cheers women in the industry older than 40 years.

She said that:

“To receive this at this stage in my life is extraordinary, and at this time in the industry when these things are going on and for this role,”

She received the best female award in TV movies and limited series for her role in “Big Little Lies”.

She praised

A teary-eyed Kidman, apparently sick with the flu, used her acceptance speech to talk about how lucky she is to have even made it this far in her career. After naming a number of actresses over the age of 40 including Meryl Streep and Jane Fonda, Kidman praised them. Whom she said she has “watched" and "learned from” over the years.

She said that:

“I want to thank you all for your trailblazing performances you’re given over your career and how wonderful it is that our careers today can go beyond 40 years old,”

“Twenty years ago, we were pretty washed up by this stage in our lives, so that's not the case now.”

“We’ve proven, and these actresses and so many more, are proving that we are potent and powerful and viable,”


She started her career in acting at the age of 14, she said that she feel proud to be the part of entertainment industry.

She advised to the people including financiers, writers, studios and directors work for change. Nicole said that:

“I just beg that the industry stays behind us because our stories are finally being told,”

“It's only the beginning and I'm so proud to be a part of a community that is instigating this change, but I applaud the writers, directors, studios and financiers to put passion and money behind our stories.”

“We have proven that we can do this, we can continue to do this but only with the support of the industry and that money and passion,”

She was not only one who talked about the change during the ceremony.

Gabrielle Carteris appreciated

President of SAG-AFTRA Gabrielle Carteris appreciated those who spoke against the discrimination in the industry. He said that:

"Truth is power and women are stepping into their power,"

"Make no mistake, this is not a moment in time, this is a movement.

She added:

“We are in the midst of a cultural shift,”

Kidman always support

She  has also been a passionate advocate for women since playing a domestic violence survivor on Big Little Lies, kept it real about how progress is made in Hollywood.

“We can continue to do this but only with the support of the industry and that money and passion.”

 With such a long resume beneath her belt, Kidman isn’t facing any shortage of either.