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Movie review: Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle.


Two decades is a long time to wait for any sequel and no one ever fill Robin William’s hilariously huge shoes. The film has four teenagers getting sucked into Jumanji, which now has transformed into a video game to continue its share of unsuspecting victims. This is a surprise remake of 1995 hit, Jumanji welcome to the Jungle is a very good idea when the players are teenagers going to the high school of being sport jocks, the pretty girl, nerds, and the serious one, this is scent of good idea. But then these teenagers end up this game on the Jumanji  jungle. And they turned into the much older selves of Hart, Black, Johnson and Gillan.Original Jumanji was based on a children’s fantasy picture book and both of them saw the animals enters in the real world as one played the board game. Welcome to the Jungle works in reverse, with players finding themselves in a clearly digital forest.

Video game is definitely not a walk in the park, that’s what we learnt in the beginning. When a teen puts it into a video console, and then disappeared. When the Jumanji comes four steps up then the game turns out to be about restoring a jewel to the giant statue of a jaguar resting in the middle of the forest, so that the jungle can keep its peace and quiet. The jewel has been taken off by a hunter in 1995’s film.In real world we have four characters two girls and two boys, once gone in Jumanji Jungle and they take the form of Johnson, Black, Hart and pretty Gillan. The reason, one presumes is that Johnson, Hart and Black were the three people with comic talent available for this venture, apart from the lesser-known Gillan. And for that no one can complain because Black is a pretty princess girl. Director Kasdan flirts with shades of homosexuality here, but only enough to stay on the right side of its rating of PG-13.They make their own root for the jaguar statue through a generic Africa jungle. They all have three lives which means death is not real dying, even we have a doubt about this ever happening in any video game. The serious girl learns to dance, the nerd gets the courage to get the girl, jock finds the way how to appreciate his friends and the pretty girl learns how to live without phones.Predictably the film also offers the standard issue ‘life lessons’ for children but the grandstanding is easy to digest when there’s so much action occurring around the characters. If there’s one thing surely missing it’s the soul that was prevalent in the original film by Joe Johnston. The 1995 version it had a sense of curiosity and innocent discovery seen through the eyes of children, here the innocence has been replaced by lathering of pre existing pop culture, which works in parts but has little depth.