Home News and Gossip Michael Wolff says Donald Trump a Stupid Bald Man.

Michael Wolff says Donald Trump a Stupid Bald Man.


Michael Wolff did not hold any of his cruel opinions back about Donald Trump during his appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on January 22. He visit The Daily Show first time for his book “Fire and Fury” about Donald Trump’s White House. No doubt it was a changeable interview; Michael gives the book inside information from the Trump administration and campaign. When asked him that what he think about the trump he said Trump a Stupid Bald Man.The honest author also the called the Trump White House greatest group of block brain ever come together and revealed that the current Commander-In-Chief is a “bald” man who cannot ever read a balance sheet. He also said that the person who works in White House for him does not think to be the president.


He gave his opinion

He also explains he does not see Trump as a moderator or businessman, but like a television performer who always entertain the audience and not about the reality of the politics. Finally he use the overview of his book and he took the medium of interview to honestly share his feeling about the Trump that he does not think Trump is fit to be the president.

Book’s hot topic

This is not the first time when Fire and Fury comes in the hot topic but this is the first time when he said about his book in person on The Daily Show. Trevor Noah said on January 4 show that:

“As entertaining as it is, I don’t know how much of this book is accurate or how much is exaggerated,”

“But in a way, that’s what makes it a perfect scandal for this White House. Bizarre, unverified, fraudulent claims. This is the world that Donald Trump promotes.”

Trevor added that:

“If anything, instead of trying to shut this book down, Trump should be sending a copy to Robert Mueller,”

“to be like, ‘See? It exonerates me!’” So far, it seems Trump has yet to come to that conclusion, tweeting tonight that the book is “full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don’t exist.”

Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” Inside the Trump White House hit the stands earlier this month, but to be fair, a large chunk of the most improper information contained which was already doing the rounds.