Home News and Gossip Melania Trump’s ‘Logistics Issue’ to cancel Davos meant pampering sessions worth $70k.

Melania Trump’s ‘Logistics Issue’ to cancel Davos meant pampering sessions worth $70k.


Melania Trump pampered herself with a SPA session worth $70K after she cancelled Davos for ‘logistic issue’ and clash in schedule. The Schedule meant a SPA treatment that cost $70K from the pocket of the tax payers.

Details of the SPA treatment.

Melania Trump headed to a one day trip to Mar-A-Lago to avoid going for the ‘World Economic Forum’ with Husband Donald Trump held at Davos, Switzerland. She had previously confirmed her going but with the Donald Trump’s alleged relationship with Pornstar Stormy Daniels were out she cancelled on the grounds of ‘Logistics Issues’. As per defence reports, 70000 dollars is what was actually spent for the 27hour trip to Mar-A-Lago estate in Palm Beach from Washington D.C.

The New York Times Reported that the 2 hour flight from the Andrews Air Force base to West Palm Beach costs $16168 per hour. Which means barely the going and coming costs more than $64000. And all this is exclusive of the huge security cost that occurs when the President or the First Lady travels. Melania was spotted going for a SPA treatment when she was at Mar-A-Lago. So we can say that Melania Trumps pampering session costed the Tax Payers of USA from their pocket. Besides since the Stormy Daniels incident is out Melania has been spotted living in the hotels of Washington and not White House. We can clearly understand why she has been avoiding her husband and it is reasonable also but it should not come as a cost to us.

Trump and Melania haven’t been spotted together ever since New Years Eve.

Melania has been reportedly Devastated and humiliated since the creepy incident of Donald’s alleged year long relationship with Pornstar Stormy Daniels has been unveiled. Donald had the alleged affair in 2006 which means just after the delivery of their son and barely 1 year of marriage with Melania. Donald had reportedly paid $130K to Stormy Daniels in 2016 to keep mum before the Presidential elections.

Do you feel it is unreasonable spending so much by the Trumps travelling to their private Estate all the time at Publuc Cost?