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Lunar Eclipse 2018 India: See the amazing pics of the Super Blue Blood Moon 2018.


Awww… Did you miss it?? The amazing view of the Super Blue Blood Moon. Don’t worry. We have some amazing pictures of the Lunar Eclipse 2018 going on today.

Super Moon, Blue Moon, Blood Moon – What does all thess 3 mean?

Super Blue Blood Moon

Today was a special day in the celestial. As the Super Moon, The Blue Moon and the Total Lunar Eclipse – All the 3 happened at the same time i.e. on 31st January 2018. Today’s Moon was the second Blue Moon of the calendar month January, the first one being on the 1st January 2018. It is also known as a Super Moon because it is particularly very close to the earth and hence the size appears to be exceptionally big. And these two happened besides the full Lunar Eclipse. It is also called the Blood Moon as there is a reddish tint on the moon. This tint is because the earth has casted its shadow on the moon. So the NASA has named it as Super Blue Blood Moon. This Super Blue Blood Moon was seen last on earth in December 1882 according to National Geographic. However in America and other countries of the world it’s been seen after 150 years.

NASA can learn a lot from this Super Blue Blood Moon.

The way the moon reacts during an eclipse can be a useful factor for NASA for research and will be helpful in deciding where to land the rover. The Director of Communication and Outreach at the NASA Lunar Science Institute, Brian Day said:

“When you have a total eclipse, you get that sudden darkening of the surface, you go from having the sun directly overhead the surface of the moon to suddenly being dark. And so you get a real sudden temperature change. That’s interesting to us. Because different types of materials on the moon will heat up and cool down differently.”

The next visible Lunar Eclipse will happen on 21st January 2019.