Home Celebs Logan Paul says he learned lot of things ‘Everyone deserves second chances’.

Logan Paul says he learned lot of things ‘Everyone deserves second chances’.


Logan Paul says he learned lot of things from the backlash, when he posted a video of suicide victim and believe he will bounce back. We have seen him on Monday afternoon at LAX and he said that he has been treated fairly. Still he was not worried about the money he got a backup plan and he said that:

“Everyone deserves second chances, bro.”

This is so weird that on January 15 he caught up with a TMZ cameraman and he was so quiet and tight. The popular YouTube star has posted a video in Japan’s “suicide forest” showing the body of the man who had recently hung himself and ended up. After massive public outcry and getting dropped from YouTube’s Google Preferred service, he still thinks that he deserves another shot on YouTube.

Cameraman Questions

He hardly spoke after the so many questions of the cameraman. When asked him what did he learned from the experience. He said that:

“Everything. So many things”

 He feels that he has been treated fairly by public of YouTube over his suicide video.

YouTube Decision

Members of the Logan can expect to hear from him “soon, very soon” as he said he’s coming with a response to YouTube. After January apology he did not posted anything on the site, and decided to take some time away from vlogging to reflect on his action. YouTube decided to hold up his two projects and drop Logan’s channel from the add supported Google Preferred platform. When asked what he’s going to do for money, he finally broke into that super cocky smile that his fans know and love. Then he pointed to his Maverick brand hoodie sweatshirt.