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Kylie Jenner regrets having baby with Travis: Should have been with Tyga instead.


Kylie Jenner is highly disturbed by the absence of Travis even now as only a last few days left before their baby arrives in this world. Their relationship has been on rocks lately and she is giving it a second thought if it was a wrong decision to have a baby with the man she chose. She is regretting the baby daddy decision.

Kylie picked up the wrong guy.

Kylie has lost her sleep thinking about her decision of having baby with Travis even before the baby arrives in this world. She has been reconsidering her relationship with Travis. Kylie started dating Travis since April 2017 just a month after she broke up from a 3 year relationship with Tyga. It was not even 2 months with Travis and she got pregnant with him. This is not healthy. In 2 months couple don’t even say I love you to each other properly, getting pregnant is beyond question. She now lately realises her mistake and regrets it. She feels it should have been Tyga’s baby instead. Tyga was very caring and supportive during their 3 year relationship and still is. A source close to Kylie confirmed her agony.

“She has been having trouble sleeping late at night, worrying about her decisions. Kylie can’t help but wonder how things would be different if her baby was Tyga’s. She misses her ex Tyga, who was always caring and present, and she is beginning to think it should have been Tyga’s baby, not Travis’”

Things would have been different with Tyga.

When Kylie was with Tyga, she knew he was there for her no matter what. Even though they used to fight a lot, they still loved each other deeply and cared for. We know that Kylie has been missing Tyga and wants to reconcile with him. 

But whatever will happen now will happen only after the delivery. Lets see if Travis changes his attitude after the baby arrives and reconciles with his baby mother Kylie or Tyga accepts Kylie with the baby which is not his.