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Kylie Jenner Parents to Spoil her Special Moment.


Kylie Jenner’s due date is quickly approaching and her parents won’t stop fighting. Who will she let join her in the delivery room? According to our insider, her parents Caitlyn Jenner (68 years old) and Kris Jenner (62 years old) are a worry for her delivery as they always fight because of which she is terrified. If they both join her for the pregnancy the moment then it could be destroyed. A source told about Kylie Jenner parents that:

“Kylie has her whole family arguing about who will be with her in the delivery room and it is becoming a real problem for her as she will be forced to make the decision soon,”

“Kylie is torn between her mom and her dad who have been at odds for a while and both expect to be holding Kylie’s hand as she delivers. She fears the negative energy in the room if she says yes to both of them… they can’t stop arguing. ”

She is very excited

Kylie and her 26 years old Bf are expecting their first child together hopefully a girl. Everyone knew she always wanted to be a mom and that was one of her goals in life.  She also painted a nice portrait of her life at 95. I would love to have a family and build a home with a farm in Malibu Canyon and just have my kids and throw away my phone, and just really, like, live my life and not do this anymore. She has been taking time out of the spotlight to prepare for her new life as a mother.

She is dealing with Travis, a source added that:

“Kylie is also dealing with Travis whom she thought she would like to have with her, but he has been so absent lately that she has no idea where he will be in the world when she goes into labor. But lately, Kylie isn’t even sure, if Travis is around, if she would want him with her on the big day as things between them have been so unclear and inconsistent recently. Then there is Tyga who has made it clear that he would drop everything to be with her anytime, especially if she needs a man with her while she goes into labor. With everything so uncertain surrounding her birth, this is nothing like what Kylie expected.”

Kylie faces

She faces a difficult situation where she is feeling isolated and many responsibilities are waiting for her.

“As she finishes her pregnancy everything is becoming very real and it all scares Kylie. The anxiety of it all has her fighting back the tears alone at night worrying about her delivery room decisions. Kylie is realizing she is by herself making these choices and it might be a long road ahead of her if she has to raise her baby by herself.”

Poor Kylie is trying to realize the hard way what it means to be a girlfriend and baby mamma of a successful rapper.