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Kylie Jenner to spend few days with Travis Scott.


Kylie Jenner to spend few days with Travis Scott leading up to her reported pregnancy, while he’s pressing pause on his tour. As Kylie Jenner’s supposed pregnancy due date approaches, according to the source she and her boyfriend are spending quality time with each other he is getting a break from his tour.

Break on the rumors

This is the break on the rumors that have been circulating recently about the rapper not being there for the 20 years old TV star as she faces motherhood. An insider told that:

“Travis has got a few weeks break from his tour right now, so she’s getting to spend some time with him which is great,”

“It’s been super tough having him away throughout the pregnancy, but she knows that’s part and parcel of dating a musician.”

Recently the Rapper performed at LIV nightclub on the last night of 2017. Some of the Kylie closest friends including Anastasia Karanikolaou and Justine Skye attended his show along with Kendall Jenner’s friend Hailey Baldwin (21 years old). After a night of dancing to Kylie’s baby father, the group ended up in the DJ booth together, according to TMZ. Justin and Anastasia also share their pictures of that night. Kylie was nowhere because she is pregnant so this is not surprising for anyone. For all gossips that Kylie and Travis have broken up, but in Travis show her friends presence leads us to think that they are still together or at least trying to do this.

No pictures of Kylie’s baby bump

To avoid any photo getting out of Kylie’s baby bump, she is house arrested. A source previously told that:

“Kylie‘s refusal to be seen in public has been terrible for her relationship with Travis,”

“He’s very frustrated that she won’t get out and live life with him. They have been fighting about that a lot. He wants her to come out and do life with him, it upsets him that she won’t and that’s caused a lot of tension between them. He’s not going to break up with her over it but it’s been hard on him for sure.”

We are hoping that this quality time is making this process easier for both.