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Kris Jenner warns Travis Scott – ‘Kylie deserves more’


Kris Jenner has warned her daughter Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy, Travis Scott to step up and give more time and attention to her pregnant daughter.

Travis too busy in career to spend time with pregnant Girlfriend.

Poor Kylie Jenner, 20 is trying to realise the hard way what it means to be a girlfriend and baby momma of a successful rapper. She is not getting the time, attention and pampering of the baby daddy and she’s is definitely not happy about it. Travis Scott, 25 who is at the peak of his career has been travelling too much and could hardly spend any time with Kylie Jenner throughout her pregnancy.

Kris Jenner warns Travis.

Momma Kris Jenner, 62 is too upset seeing the plight of her pregnant daughter and has taken the matter in her hands. She has clearly warned Travis to behave. According to a source close to Jenner’s:

“Kris is furious with Travis over his careless attitude with Kylie. Kris never sees Travis around and when she does see him, Travis does not seem very present or engaged with the family,”

The source added that Kris is extremely disappointed with how Travis is handling Kylie during her pregnancy. She is very doubtful about their future together but as of now she has made clear to Travis that Kylie deserves more time of his. She further added that she is the boss of the family and watching him closely and warned him not to mess up with her youngest daughter. She added that whatever be their relationship status he better be more present and available once the child arrives.

Kylie too much disappointed seeing the pampering of her elder 2 pregnant sisters.

Kylie is too much disappointed with Travis, especially after seeing the treatment and time her elder 2 sisters Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian are getting from their husband and boyfriend respectively. Kim Kardashian, 37 recently welcomed her 3rd child with husband Kanye West and they are too excited for their baby. Kanye has been photographed smiling ever since they welcomed their youngest daughter Chicago West. Besides Khloe Kardashian, 33 is also expecting her 1st child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson, 26 and he has been very supportive. In fact Khloe cannot stop praising Tristan for the time and pampering he gives her. Sadly Kylie never got such special treatment from Travis.