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Kim Kardashian wants to Breastfeed surrogacy born child.


Kim Kardashian, 37 is pregnant with her third baby through her surrogate. However Kim is considering to breastfeed the baby after the surrogate delivers her baby. Yes it is possible! A friend close to Kim has confirmed the same saying:

“Kim is considering breastfeeding her new baby. It’s medically possible for her to do it, there are steps to take, like she’ll have to take hormones and special vitamins, and she’ll have to start pumping before the baby is born. It’s a lot but she’s very open to doing it because she wants the special bond that comes with breastfeeding. She isn’t getting the experience of carrying her baby for nine months so there’s a big motivation for her to at least try this.”

Kim looks all set for her new baby and committed to develop the special bond that comes through breastfeed. Though Kim wants to be a part of the baby once it is born she certainly seems to be enjoying this period of not carrying the baby. She has been confidently showing off her body over the media and trust me she never looked sexier and confident than she lately is.

Kim Kardashian wants to breastfeed

Rumours of sister Kylie Jenner being Kim’s surrogate.

There have been rumours spread all over the media that Kylie Jenner is Kim’s surrogate. This is because of the episode on Keeping up with the Kardashians (KUWTK) aired on Jan 7 wherein Kylie sent boxes of donuts to all her sister in pink colour which spelled their names except for Kim. Obviously because Kim is possibly going to be the child’s mother and not aunt. Besides both have confirmed it to be a baby girl. All cannot be a coincidence specially when Kim is expecting through her surrogate and not herself. We won’t have to wait much though as Kylie is due in Jan 2018, so soon the suspense will be out.