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Kanye West is dead set against Kim Kardashian Butt Reduction.


Kim Kardashian’s heavy booty helped her to get famous worldwide. Could Kim Kardashian be downsizing her famous booty? We have got details on how her hubby Kanye West is dead set against Kim Kardashian butt reduction and as he loves her big behind. But now she is doing exercise and losing her weight, so her body is getting so tiny while her cheeks remain huge and out of proportion with her crispy frame. But her husband Kanye West (40 years old) don’t want her to get any reduction to her sizable behind.

A source close to Kim told that:

“Kanye is dead set against Kim getting any kind of butt reduction, he does not want Kim doing anything to her body with surgery. He’s extremely anti-surgery plus he loves her big booty. He’s doing everything he can to talk Kim out of reducing it,”

Insider told that:

“He’s not the only voice in her ear though, she’s got other people telling her she should do it. If Kim goes through with it she’ll have to totally hide it from Kanye until after the fact, so it’s not going to happen until he’s out of town for a while. Her plan right now is to stick to her fitness routine and do what she can naturally and then once things with the new baby calm down she’ll sneak away for the surgery, unless Kanye can talk her out of it somehow,”

Kim Kardashian’s vast booty might have helped grab the world’s attention and make her a star overnight, but the mother of three is not quite happy with her butt size and wants to reduce it. As she continues to slim, her body has begun looking disproportionately small to her huge butt, a matter of concern for the reality TV star. According to sources, Kim’s husband Kanye does not like her idea of butt reduction.

Life & Style reported that on January 17, Kim is so over the big booty craze but now everybody copy her look and wants to get Brazilian butt. She always disagree that it was the result of any procedure. A source told that:

“Kim isn’t pleased with the way her butt looks and isn’t feeling the huge butt trend anymore,”

“That’s why she hasn’t been flaunting it as much on social media. She’s been talking about undergoing butt reduction surgery.” Kim has never revealed the actual size of her big badonkadonk, but she did shoot down a report that claimed it was an eye-popping 55 inches. My butt is NOT that big,” she insisted. “I would say it’s 12 inches off, or something. But it’s definitely not 55 inches.”

Kim and Kanye relationship

This is very sad that Kim announced her relationship end with her husband Kanye. She is fighting since kanye’s Frightful November 2016 breakdown, and she said that she didn’t find light in the end of the dig. Poor Kim, we can’t think that to have a family member how hard it is for her, especially when your husband is going through such a huge health scare. Obviously she is stressed if they are really going to have divorce, so all the things are gone be crazy. She reputedly does not want any moves after their surrogate born child. She is totally fine as a single mother raising the little one, she is Kim Freckling Kardashian.

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