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Kendall Jenner’s Instagram comment hurts Sofia Richie.


Just a day ago Kendall Jenner had slammed Scott Disick for Dating a girl 15 years younger to him. She mocked at him by commenting on his photo on Instagram with His Son and Sofia, saying ‘Scott with his Kids’. Sofia is ‘deeply hurt’ on being mocked as Scott’s kid.

Details about the incident.

Scott Disick, 34 has been dating Sofia Richie, 19 and Kendall Jenner has never been happy about it. Scott has posted a photo on Instagram where in was driving the car and by his side were Sofia and his 3 year old son Reign Disick. Kendall mocked at the photo by posting:

”Aww Scott and his Kids”.


Kendall and Sofia were once friends and so she was deeply hurt by the comment posted by her. A source close to Sofia said:

“Sofia was really hurt by Kendall’s bitchy comment–they used to be close friends, which makes it all the more upsetting. It’s also hypocritical, because Kendall’s own sister, Kourtney [Kardashian, 38], is dating someone 14 years younger than her.” Fair point!

The source even added that infact Kourtney isn’t the only one dating with such a huge age difference. In fact a lot of members of the Kardashian/Jenner family have been dating with the difference. He added:

“And her mom Kris [Jenner, 62] is dating a man 25 years younger! So, yeah, Sofia thinks it was totally out of line for Kendall to be shading her like that. You can’t help who you fall in love with, and Sofia really is in love with Scott, she truly thinks she’s found her soulmate.”

Why Kendall is frustrated with Scott?

Scott Disick is Ex Husband of Kendall’s sister Kourtney Kardashian. Kendall has been upset about their break up and also because he hooked up to Sofia who was a friend to the Kardashians. She is upset because Scott had met Sofia many times earlier when she was younger and hanging up with her and Kylie. There are so many girls out then why does he have to choose their friend. She finds its creepy that Scott now seeing Sofia and so she took out her frustration by posting the comment and making her feelings about the couple public.

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