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Katy Perry plastic surgery rumors, finally singer opens her mouth.


As we all know that by Katy Perry strong voice everybody is affected. With her gorgeous face, perfect features and to die for body, Katy Perry plastic surgery rumors have circulated over the years because no one can be that head to toe stunning. The 33-year-old pop singer dismissed supposition that she has had plastic surgery in a new Refinery29 interview, Katy Perry said that:

‘I haven’t had any.’

‘I’ve done lasers and got [filler] injections under my eyes for the hollowing – which I’d recommend for everyone who wants a solution for their dark circles – but all of my assets are real.’

She knows that people talk behind her about that she has enhanced her breasts. But some women are just that fortunate to have nature give them the perfect curves and Katy is a blessed woman. She added about her bosom:

“People tend to think they are fake, but it doesn’t really matter,”

She revealed that:

‘We’re getting away from that negative stigma about physical alterations. Of course, always be your authentic self – but if someone wants a nose job that makes them feel better, and they love their profile more because of it, it’s like: ‘Go ahead!’ Do whatever makes you feel better about yourself. Stay in therapy, but get it, girl”

Katy’s haircut

For a year now she has been rocking with the same bleach blonde extreme pixie haircut, she feels extra confident in her look. She said that:

“Cutting my hair meant I didn’t have to hide behind it,”

“My face really stands out [now], and I actually feel a lot prettier with my short hair. I’ve really gotten to know my face better.”

Katy’s new lip collection

The next big trend she has predicting though is a major throwback with a modern Katy Perry twist. Ahead, she talks about her new lip gloss collection with Cover Girl, her real thoughts on plastic surgery, the secret to her now blemish-free skin, and more.