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Is Kate Middleton expecting a girl?


Kate Middleton is expecting a baby in April 2018. She re-wore her bright pink coat on January 16. Is this an indication that she is expecting a girl?

The Duchess of London Kate Middleton is famously known as the ‘Royal Recycler’ A’s has been seen repeating her clothes in public appearances. However a coat this Gorgeous who will not re-wear it?

About the coat

The bright pink coat of hers is from Mulberry worth $2350. She bought and first wore it in December 2014 in New York when she was pregnant with her first child Prince George now 4. She wore it with black stockings and gloves to keep her from the winters in December. She wore it again in March 2015 when she was expecting Charlotte, 2. However this time the stockings and the gloves had gone due to the summers. However she continued with her black wallet and black heels. And now she has worn it again on 16th January 2018 when she is pregnant with her 3rd child. This time again it is with Black stockings to keep her from the cold. She has styles her hair differently all the 3 times. In 2014 she carried a ponytail, in 2015 showed Off her luscious curls and now in 2018 a shorter hair all together. Is the bright pink color an indication of her expecting a girl or it is just a symbol of her pregnancy??

There are mixed views from the people for the reasons below:

1) She has worn it at both the previous pregnancies – 1st boy Prince George and 2nd Girl – Princess Charlotte.

2) Besides when the Royal family released their Christmas Card, the whole family was dressed in blue which could again be an indication that they are expecting a boy in their family.

Whatever be the sex of the Child, Kate Middleton has been looking as stunning as always. We wish her all the good health.