Home News and Gossip Kardashians plan intervention to bring Kylie out of ‘Self Imposed Isolation’.

Kardashians plan intervention to bring Kylie out of ‘Self Imposed Isolation’.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

Momma Kris Jenner is deeply worried with the paranoid behaviour of daughter Kylie Jenner, 20 since her pregnancy. The once party enthusiast and a social media lover suddenly finds peace in isolation and it’s not a good sign.

Kylie’a ‘self imposed isolation’ details.

Kylie Jenner was a very bubbly and a party lover. However since she has discovered about her pregnancy she has been a shut in girl. This is so unlikely Kylie Jenner. And this has made momma Jenner extremely worried about what to do if her such behaviour continues even after the birth of her baby. According to source close to the Jenner’s:

“Kris is becoming seriously worried about Kylie‘s increasing desires for secrecy and privacy surrounding her pregnancy and the rest of her life. Kris built the family empire on sharing their family with the world! She fears that some of Kylie‘s motivations for privacy are borderline irrational and maybe even a little paranoid. Kylie never leaves the gates of her Hidden Hills private community anymore, and Kris feels like Kylie‘s behavior is becoming unhealthy.”

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Solution to Kylie’s paranoid behaviour.

Kris is going mad thinking about what to do about Kylie’s love for isolation. She has thought of a solution. And the solution is intervention. Kris is reportedly planning to get all the sisters together to break the isolation and take her out of her shell. All the sisters are worried about Kylie’s love for privacy and living a very secret life. They want she should go out more often than not and enjoy the life more. Maybe Kylie has gone more insecured after her pregnancy and cannot collect strength to face the society. So her mother and sisters are trying to give her support and re build her confidence so that she can step out of her shelter as gracefully as she used to.

Kris is more worried for Kylie and calls her behaviour as unhealthy as she has altready gone through this once for her Son, Rob Kardashian. Kris had battled this for Rob and fears Kylie is going down the same lines of Isolation.

According to an insider:

Rob knows first hand that being cooped up in your mansion alone all day is no way to live.”

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