Home News and Gossip Jill Zarin reunites with former BFF Bethenny Frankel at Bobby’s funeral.

Jill Zarin reunites with former BFF Bethenny Frankel at Bobby’s funeral.


Finally the drama is over as the former BFF Zill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel reunite. Zill Zarin (54 years old) and Bethenny Frankel (47 years old) has fallen apart on the sets of the third season of ‘The Real Housewives of the New York City’. Once best friends didn’t talk to each other after their row on the sets. However Bethenny made it to the funeral of Bobby, Zill Zarin’s husband and even said a few kind words to her which made her cry Jill said in her Interview.

Zill apparently told to Bethenny that it was Bobby’s wish that the feud should get over and and they should be friend again. Zill also admitted that Bobby used to love Bethenny. She said that he felt for whatever that had happened it was more of her fault.

She said he used to say her:

‘You don’t have to be best friends, but you should be friends,’”

When Zill told Bethenny about Bobby’s wish  Bethenny replied saying she was there now. Bethenny also consoled Zill saying she need not consider herself alone and that she was there for her. For Bobby she said he was now with Cookie to take care if him. Cookie was Bethenny’s dog who died in October at the age of 17 years.

Zill’s response on the reunion.

About the reunion Zill said:

“It was warm, it was nice. It was sincere,”

She also added she could feel Bobby thanking God that it was over and hopefully it was over for ever.

Bobby Zarin, 71 succumbed to Cancer. Zill Zarin was devastated but she was not alone in her hard time. There were her co-stars from Real Housewives of New York and best of all her estranged friend Bethenny Frankel to her support.

Zill and Bethenny might not be on the best terms but they have definitely put aside their differences on the sad time.