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James Ex Kristen Doute Talks About James Kennedy and Logan Noh’s Gay Affair

Vanderpump Rules' James Kennedy Hook Up with Logan Noh

It’s ‘Vanderpump Rules once again! If you are following the show, then you are aware that the one or the other crew members are always in news for the rumored hookups. The never-ending relationship drama at SUR continues.After the Jax-Brittany episode, another major rumor hits the Vanderpump Crew. This time, it is about James Kennedy and his best mate Logan Noh and the rumor is that they have hooked up as gay partners, For a long while James Kennedy was being followed up by the show’s cast to respond on the rumors of sleeping with his roommate, Noh.

Kennedy – Noh Really hooked up or Drama?

In Monday night’s episode, James decided to put an end to the rumors once and for all. James, who was the center of the gossip, denied the affair, and Logan finally admitted that he spread the rumors, which were completely false. He also expressed his love for James as the end of their friendship seemed on the cards. Logan had told Brittany Cartwright’s visiting sister that he and James were sleeping together, but then he threw in a “welcome to Hollywood.” Many viewers pointed out that the conversation seemed very staged, and seem to be correct -but does that mean it was orchestrated by James and Noh.

Vanderpump Rules’ James Kennedy Hook Up with Logan Noh

The rumors that there was something happening between Kennedy and his best friend broke during the January 22 episode of Vanderpump Rules.Noh added fuel to the fire when he told Brittany Cartwright’s sister, Tiffany, that he is sleeping with Kennedy. When confronted by James, Noh revealed he made up the story because he is in love with the DJ and jealous of Kennedy’s relationship with his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss.

James’s Ex speaks upon hook up

While this seems to be the end of their friendship, there’s one person who doesn’t think that the story ends there. James’ ex Kristen Doute revealed what she thought about the James- Logan hooks up rumors when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Monday. Kristen had been dating James in the past during the season 3 of Pump Rules, shared her take on the alleged affair and said :

“I think that there’s been a little bit of waiting in the pond if you will. I don’t know. I feel like as the season progresses, especially with tonight’s episode, obviously … I feel for Logan. I really do. I really feel bad for him. And he obviously … His heart is in the right place. And I think that James is denying his own truth a little bit.”

She further added, “I think James loves attention. Absolutely. And no matter who that’s going to hurt. So I just think that’s really unfortunate. Like, poor Logan.”

James Kennedy with ex Kristen Doute

“I don’t think so. For right now, I think James is embarrassed that this has sort of come up. Who knows? You’re not there behind that closed bedroom door. Who knows what the actual truth is. There could be three sides to this. But I don’t think it’s the end of their friendship,” she explained. There is more she had to say:

“I don’t think James handles anything the right way, with or without alcohol being present. No, I don’t. Because if Logan is your best friend and you love him so much, just be honest about what is going on. Whether that’s half of your truth and half of his truth, it’s like, girls come and go, but your friends are going to be there forever.”

James previously shared with how he first met Logan when he was DJ-ing at PUMP one night, and since then they have been meeting every day in the past three years.

James Kennedy and Logan Noh
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