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James Corden Impersonated Melania Trump all sad and lonely

James Corden Impersonated Melania Trump all sad and lonely

James Corden knows how Melania Trump feels.

One of the favorite job of any late night show host is to impersonate Donald Trump. James Corden is among them as well.

Although this time his target was the President’s wife. There has been instances where Trump has ignored Melania in public. Obviously allowing everyone to draw conclusions that his concentration is solely on himself. Leaving Melania portrayed as lonely and probably frustrated.

We do not blame the making fun, Trump sorts of invite it. After all which President Forgets the National Anthem of his country.

The Parody

This is the inspiration of Corden’s parody. Corden Adorns a Dress, an overcoat, a Wig and some heels.

Two members of Secret service walks Lady Corden into a room. They address him as the First Lady. Confirming that James Corden is impersonating her.

The room is decadently decorated with pictures of the Couple (Trump and Original Melania). The Parody is based on “Part Of Your World,” from the Little Mermaid.

While it concentrated on Melania’s restriction of doing what she wants. The major agenda was to make fun of her husband.

During the course of the video dancers join Corden. Some of them dressed as secret service officers who don’y allow her to leave.

Here are some of the digs that he took:

Referring to the infamous Tweets at late night the host sings.

“I want to be where the people are,  I want to see, want to see them dancing. Not staying up to write – What do you call them? Oh — TWEETS.” 

Oh!! this one’s about Russia

“Out where they walk, out where they run, out where they don’t collude with RUSSIANS.”

What would Melania Pay

“What would I pay to spend a day with a GROWN MAN.”

Referring to Trump’s obsession with his daughter Ivyanka Trump

“Betcha out there they understand that they can’t seduce their DAUGHTERS, that there’s women sick of him and ready to stand.”

We have no qualms that the video is hilarious. See it for yourself. So how do you feel about James Corden attempt of looking like Melania.