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What’s up with the Kardashian? Is Kendall Jenner also pregnant?

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner sparks the rumor of now her being pregnant by an Instagram post.

The keen eye of the Kardashian fans misses nothing. In a recent photo posted by Kendall on her Instagram started pregnancy rumors.

The Picture

loner life ?

A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

The Picture titled as loner life, caused a ruckus that only a kardashian can manage. In a tight fitting dress, the model shows off a little bulge creating the illusion of a Baby Bump.

While another Jenner, Kylie is not ready to clear the air for her rumored pregnancy. Take a look on how Kylie is adamant on keeping her fans waiting for the confirmation.

Kendall Jenner however was generous enough to not let us be in suspense. She happily shared that this is all ‘Bagels’ fault. Her love for Bagel and the holiday spirits have created the bulge in question.

What’s more is that just days before Kendall posted on her website announcing, that she is Quitting her Website and app from this year. Have a look at the post

Kendall Jenner

After this Post everybody has been contemplating about the priorities and goals Kendall mentions. While the world thought of her recent shift to a Photography Career or her existing Modelling Career could be the reason behind this.

This news or no news might have brought in a new perspective. May be Kendall wants to lay low for the upcoming bagel trip.  Whether the fans are satisfied with answer or not, Kendall’s Tummy will have the paparazzi’s attention.

Pregnant or not Kardashian’s sure knows how to direct attention towards themselves. To read more of Kardashian news and gossips click below.

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