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Is Cardi B hinting to leave Offset?


Cardi B has shared a video on Instagram where in she’s singing a heart breaking break up song. Does this hint that she’s planning to break up with Fiancé Offset?

What is in the video?

Cardi B, 25 the famous American Rapper has posted a video on Instagram (which was later deleted) wherein she’s topless and she’s singing a heart Breaking song. She is humming Amanda Miguel’s ‘Mi Buen Corazon’ which means My good heart. She is topless and wearing a shower cap and she looks incredibly beautiful.

What is the hint?

Just singing the break up song is not the hint. She has even captioned it as “Mood… Never AGAIN”. We already know that Offset has been cheating upon Cardi B and in such a situation it’s difficult to believe it refers to anything else other that fiancé Offset.

Cardi B defending Offset.

A fan criticised Cardi B for staying on with Offset inspite of the cheating proofs saying she she deserves someone better. The fan wrote:

“Cardi B you deserve somebody better than Offset”

To this she immediately slammed the fan defending Offset saying:

“Don’t tell about who I deserve with him or not you don’t know how he matured me. Before I met him I ain’t got a lawyer, business management and I was insecure about my music. He helped give me confidence and helped me get my business situated,”

Why is Offset important for Cardi B.

Cardi B believes had it not been for Offset, she would have not gained so much publicity and confidence in her career. She didn’t know anything about business except for singing. Offset helped her get a lawyer, business management and situate her business. All the fame and money Cardi B is receiving today is because of Offset.

However after the heartbreaking video we think she herself is doubtful of hooking on to Offset and may count on breaking up with him. We’ll have to wait and watch.