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The iconic ‘Friends’ series of 1990’s fails to engage youth of today

It seems that the youth of today won’t be there for the engaging time capsule of the 90’s, ‘Friends’. The iconic series ‘Friends’ has arrived and Netflix and is facing a lot of criticism from the youth for being ‘Homophobic’, ‘Transfobic’ and ‘Sexiest’

Jokes from the 90’s does not appeal youth of the time.

Twitter has been flooded with furious defaming tweets for ‘Friends’ after it dropped on the Netflix. The generation today is unable to connect with the jokes of 1990’s and find it to be problematic with respect to  gay jokes, sexism and even transfobia.

The new viewers are also uncomfortable that the show is full of whites and there are very few coloured people appearing that too occasionally. This has been an issue specially because New York City is most metropolitan city in the U.S.

Besides, In the time where workplace harassment and sexual misconduct is not so cool, viewers are also having issue how Racheal hired a young hot guy just because she wanted to date him. The jokes that caused laughter at that time is giving out frustration today. Fat-shaming and jokes cracking on Monica for being very overweight while growing up doesn’t fly today. Highly applauded jokes on Leabians and Gays do not work today specially when homosexual relationships becoming common and talk of the town. Chandler’s transgender dad who was always a laughing stock or jokes on Carol not being a lesbian in the series doesn’t appeal today. It is a clear example of the generation gap how people of today become very cool and open gay, lesbian, homosexual, transgender that jokes on such topics looks frustrating.

Friends fail to engage

Examples of criticism on Twitter.

So what do you think people, is the magic of ‘Friends’ shading or it can still hold up to create laughter.