Home News and Gossip Donald Trump forgets words to the National Anthem.

Donald Trump forgets words to the National Anthem.


The 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump (71 years old) was made fun of by the citizens for forgetting the words of the National Anthem during the inaugural ceremony of the College Football Championship.

Reason for Mockery

President Donald Trump attended the College Football National Championship 2018 on January 8. He stood amidst the football players with his hand on his heart while the National Anthem was sung. The Anthem was sung by Zac Brown Band and when the camera focused on Trump during the Anthem he was singing along and suddenly he stopped mid way making people believe that he forgot the lyrics and made him a mockery instrument.

The Hillarious Tweets

It didn’t take long for twitter to get flooded with hooting and sarcasm. A few tweets are as under:

“It looked like Donald Trump just kept repeating ‘applesauce’ durinG National Anthem”

Another one made a poll on twitter asking people they were shocked that the President forgot the National Anthem and mocked further by giving No as an option for both a and b.

Donald Trump forgets National Anthem 1

Other events of mockery

This was definitely not the first time when Trump was mocked at. There have been many instances in the past wherein he has been the center of attraction and steals the headlines for some or the other crazy thing. He was recently mocked at for bragging North Korea saying his Nuclear button was larger than theirs. Yet another time he was mocked at for calling himself a genius infront of Hillary Clinton.

So there will never be shortage of laughter when it comes to Donald Trump. As we can see in our case Football is the game of athletes and the players should have been the center of attraction but as always Trump steals the show knowingly or unknowingly for some act of his.