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How Kim Kardashian managed to convince Pregnant Kylie for the Calvin Klein ad.

Kylie Jenner shocked fans by featuring in The Calvin Klein ad, especially after she chose to be off limelight and hiding her baby bump.

Kim Kardashian persuaded Kylie.

News of Kylie’s pregnancy was out in September 2017. Since the she chose to stay off the beat. Infact she was not seen in the family Christmas card in December 2017. So fans were super surprised to see her featuring in the new Kardashian/Jenner  Calvin Klein ad. It is said that it was Kim Kardashian, 37 who convinced Kylie to appear in the photoshoot. According to a source close to Kylie:

“Kim was able to convince Kylie to pose for the Calvin Klein campaign despite her pregnancy insecurities. The shoot took place earlier in her pregnancy, during a time when Kylie was feeling really uncomfortable and weird about her growing baby bump. Kim assured Kylie that it would be ok if Kylie chose to keep her belly covered as long as fans could see her pretty face.”

Kylie was very insecure about her baby bump and agreed to the photoshoot only after she was convinced 100% that no matter what her baby bump would not be seen at any condition. Kim was able to convince Kylie that the shoot would not remain the same if she was missing and that she looked beautiful even with belly hidden as long as her beautiful face was seen.

How Kim Kardashian managed to convince pregnant Kylie for the photoshoot

100% of the Baby bump hidden.

It is seen clearly that Kylie’s bump is completely covered as against that of her sisters who are flaunting their beautiful abs. Infact in one picture she is seen hiding her lower part of the body completely with a blanket.

How Kim Kardashian managed to convince pregnant Kylie for the photoshoot

Business as well as monetary reasons involved.

Kylie’s decision was majorly because she did not want to impact the business side of it. Calvin Klein being their family brand she didn’t want its brand value to be affected. Besides I am sure a lot of monetary incentive must have also been involved. According to the source:

“Ultimately it was a business decision too as Calvin Klein really wanted all the sisters in the shoot. Kylie did not want me to let her own insecurities ruin a good opportunity for her family, so she agreed to do the pictures.”